It was Mystery Lady [Etta James tribute to Billie Holiday] that made me want to dive deep into the world of jazz.”


Kai Brant is an American jazz singer and music producer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her family belongs to the Oneida Tribe within the Iroquois Nation, and her surname derives from the Mohawk Chief, Joseph Brant.

Kai's heart has always been immersed in the poetry of life, releasing her first self-published book of poetry, lyrics, and short stories by the age of 20. She joined her first band as a blues singer around the same time, and began performing alongside guitar fronting her own original band soon after. In 2005 Kai had a desire to experience a creative life elsewhere, and moved to London to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter.

After several months of performing the London circuit and a brief detour to Malaga, Spain for flamenco guitar lessons, Kai returned to the States and took a five-year hiatus from performing to revisit her love of poetry. Influenced by Russell Simmons "Def Poetry," she co-founded The Hattrix Project, an art collective based out of Long Beach, California featuring spoken word poets, musicians, and dancers. Although producing numerous live shows and releasing two records with the project, she longed for her own band again. With the mindset of re-establishing herself as a singer, she relocated to Las Vegas to pursue her love of jazz, a genre she had been delving into since being introduced to Billie Holiday's music in her late teens.

"Singing provides the unique opportunity to perform for people of all nations, backgrounds, and beliefs... celebrating and being one, if even for a brief moment in time."

A decade later, Kai Brant debuts with The Las Vegas Jazz Trio on their 2019 release, "Getting Some Fun Out of Life."