It was Mystery Lady [Etta James tribute to Billie Holiday] that made be want to dive deep into jazz.”

— Kai Brant

KAI BRANT - Kai is an American singer/songwriter currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her family comes from the Oneida Tribe within the Iroquois Nation, and her surname is after the Mohawk Chief, Joseph Brant. "Singing provides me the unique opportunity to be a modern-day Peacemaker, bringing people of all nations, backgrounds, and beliefs together to celebrate and be one, if even for a brief moment in time."

Kai spent the first decade of her musical career singing and playing guitar in a Southern California blues/rock band. She later began writing original songs, performing extensively in pubs and small venues throughout London. Upon returning to the States, she journeyed into the world of jazz... something she wanted to do ever since being introduced to the Etta James tribute to Ella: Mystery Lady. Her passion for jazz and the Great American Songbook is now being fully realized with The Las Vegas Jazz Trio.

"I cannot think of a better way to approach another decade... creating music, sharing my voice, and meeting some amazing people along the road. Thank you for allowing me to share this passion with you, and for being open to the power of music and the power of spirit."